Clocks and watches unite my two passions for art and mechanics. The passion for art probably came from my childhood when I was drawing eagerly. It comes from an impression of the architecture and museums of
St. Petersburg, my beloved town where I was born and grew up; my wishes; the influence of my friends who are artists.I have friends whose fathers and grandfathers were watchmakers and jewellers. I saw how easy one of them "writes" with engraver. His writing looked like flourishy copy-book hand of XVIIIc. When I took an engraver at first time to try it I hardly flinged it away after some scratches - it was impossible to believe that the tool can be felt and controlled. The roots of my second one are my childhood too. My father liked clocks and other old and antique things. (In Communist times many beautiful pieces such as old sewing machine, typewriters, pictures, frames, engraved furniture, etc., such as is sold in antiques shops now were treated as rubbish in a garbage dump). For a long time I collected, restored, bought and sold old clocks until I decided to do something myself.

   As engraving skills were mastered works were getting better and better. To systematize my knowledge in mechanics and math, I graduated from technical university. Last eight years I have been working with "School of Stone Carving Art" where talented jeweller Sergey Shimanskiy creates. My works will demonstrate you not only what has come out from all these efforts but also what you could order.

  All operations such as drawing, sawing out, engraving and dials, hands are made by me. In a whole, each my clock or watch is a unique handmaded timepiece.

   I took orders from customers to make a skeletonized watch or clock in my original style. Please, don't hesitate to ask for more information or to send an order.

All rights reserved. Andrew Vorontsov© 2005.  Photo by Serge Narchuk.